He was born in the capital of Anatolia in 1970. He studied, and became a Policeman. He is working as a security director at present. He has loved art, and performed works for many years. He has answered the question “What would you become?” recently: “Painter or musician”. He has abjured. He has learnt that he must answer from now on “I should live my experiences in order to be able to do the things I have done; I would wish to be whatever I am.”. He has seen that word is line, line is picture, and picture is word, he has drawn the things he has seen… He has respected the words in accordance with their charges in the world of meaning. He has written a manifest for everything said in his works. He presented philosophical works to the art-lovers. He wished for the world not to devoid of the art of the children in Anatolian geography, and he has desired to get known…

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